Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 4, 2014

sw-rebelsStar Wars: Rebels is the new CG-animated series Disney’s putting out. It seems to take place not long before A New Hope, since Tarkin is a big deal guy in the Empire still. It’s basically Firefly in the Star Wars universe. A crew on a ship, kinda just smugglers and thieves, but also with an anti-Empire agenda.

The main character is a street hustler teenager who gets picked up by the crew when he tried to steal the same stuff as them. The crew is kind of a predictable cast of stock characters: the somewhat motherly pilot woman, the anti-heroic leader guy, the older gruff guy, and the badass hot girl who presumably our main character will end up banging.

Except the hot girl is super weird looking, she has really angular eyes, like somehow both Asian caricature and cat eyes. It just makes her look creepy. Also, their wookies look weird as hell. Hairy/fuzzy is tough to do in budget CGI, but that just makes me wonder why they didn’t just decide to not do wookies.

Anyway, aside from those visual gripes, the premiere movie was pretty good. The music and pace and tone evoke the original trilogy pretty strongly, and there’s setup for some interesting things going forward.


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