Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 4, 2014

lockeLocke is for some reason a movie that I made a note to myself to see at some point. I don’t remember the trailers or anything. And plot-wise it is definitely not my kind of movie, so who knows.

It stars Tom Hardy as some kind of contractor concrete expert, husband, and father, who had a brief affair 9 months earlier, and takes off the night before a huge construction project without telling anyone, to be with the woman while she delivers their baby. So on the way, he tells his wife about the affair and the baby, he tells his boss that he’s not going to be there for this huge concrete thing that they need him there for, and he talks his assistant type guy through the construction project.

The whole movie takes place in his car on the way to see the delivery, which is kind of a neat gimmick. Just a series of phone calls with his wife, kids, the mother-to-be, his boss, his assistant, and various others, and sometimes talking to himself. And it completely works. Somehow, these conversations about construction and marital infidelity and giving birth, things I normally don’t give a shit about, are engaging as fuck when you’re trapped in a car with this guy.


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