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Pacific Rim: Uprising ditches a lot of the main cast of the first one to feature John Boyega and a kid. Some of the charm was lost by dropping some of the more charismatic actors, and not having Guillermo del Toro at the helm, but it still has giant robot fights. So it’s not a bad way to spend some time.


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The Defenders is the culmination of Netflix’s various Marvel series, and it’s pretty good, but not great. Smartly, this is only 8 episodes instead of the 13 that the other series have run. Those have all dragged a bit in the middle (the fact that we all watch them within a weekend probably makes that worse, where watching it week to week there’d be tension, watching 13 hours over a day or two makes us feel like get on with it already). Also smartly, they take a few episodes before the band gets together. Everyone gets their own little storyline leading them towards a common enemy before they connect. Probably smarter still, they spend a big chunk of time with Iron Fist on the sideline, because his series wasn’t very good and the actor isn’t very good.

Some things with mild spoilers:

  • I would find it laughable if they tried to hook up Danny and Misty in this universe, just because of the casting. She seems like a grown woman with her shit together (and, to be superficial for a moment, an amazing rack). He seems like a kid in high school who took a philosophy class.
  • The thing that happened towards the end with Misty is awesome for future Misty developments, but I think she handled that way too well. How do you not freak the fuck out when something like that happens to you? Her immediate reaction is “it’s not your fault, it’s the job.” And not “holy shit aaaaaahhhh!”
  • Krysten Ritter is still really hot and great as an alcoholic trainwreck and this show got me hyped for Jessica Jones season 2 more than anything else. But I guess The Punisher is before that.

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funeral-dress-pactThis picture becomes just about the saddest thing ever once you read the story that goes with it.