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videoRandom videos:

A kid with too much time on his hands solves two Rubik’s Cubes while playing Guitar Hero

It’s nice to know that other countries have ridiculous pseudoscience issues as well (spicy language).

Some guy doing bike tricks.

There’s a Sexy Poker game for the Wii?

The Onion: Ex-pedophile Shares Tips On How To Make Your Child Less Attractive

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wilde-baronessTwo very geebs-style videos (one of which he’s probably currently posting): The Ballad of G.I. Joe featuring an impressive list of random actors as the Joe/Cobra folks, and an apparently old Ortega commercial with a really unfortunate choice of words (especially considering the age of the gymnast delivering the line).

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brooklynI think I might be desensitized to models in bikinis.  Damn you, internet!  I’ve seen Brooklyn Decker in various SI swimsuit things, and have recognized that she’s attractive on the regular woman scale, but she never stood out from any other model.  I was generally pretty indifferent to her as someone who is professionally hot.

But lately, every time I go to si.com, I get this ad for an SI swimsuit iphone app.  In it, she’s wearing fairly pedestrian clothes, and looks pretty incredible, IMO. I kinda want to hate Andy Roddick, but then I also want to kind of like him for a hell of an effort in the Wimbledon final this year and for not being entirely dickish when a DJ guy bets he can return 1 out of 10 serves (this is pretty long, but kind of entertaining).

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vlcsnap-2009-08-08-21h44m59s193555 fake numbers are oddly pleasing, mostly because it reminds me of how silly the general population is that they’d just randomly call a number they saw in a movie or on TV, so they have to keep using fake numbers to avoid being sued.  Fake TV channel 37 is kinda cool too but not as much.

In some ways it’s sad that there’s no web equivalent. I guess plenty of TV/movies make up websites for the URLs they mention, which can be fun, but eventually they let them expire, like imoscar.com.  It does appear, however, that someone restored most of the old Scrotal Safety Commission website.  So hooray for that.  And hooray for me working balls into my inaugural post here.