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Posted in Soda by Bill on December 5, 2011

Sparky’s Root Beer is a little on the sweet side. I still liked it a lot, just not as much as the others that I think had a better balance. It also has a slightly different flavor, which I can only assume is from the honey, an ingredient I haven’t seen listed on any of the others. Carbonated water, HFCS or sugar, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, and a preservative are in every single one, sometimes there’s citric acid or some other acidic thing, but this is the first with any real deviation from that. Interestingly, though this has ingredients listed, it does not have nutrition facts. Probably not labeled for individual sale, and the people that shipped me the case of various root beers are horrible lawbreakers.

Jones Berry Lemonade says it’s a soda, but this bottle was completely flat. I also couldn’t taste any berry. It was just 12oz of blue, not very good lemonade.


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Dr Brown’s Cream Soda, like almost all cream sodas, is way too sweet.

Posted in Soda by Bill on December 3, 2011

Gray’s Root Beer tastes exactly like Sioux City. Which is good, because it’s quite tasty, but weird.

Posted in Soda by Bill on December 2, 2011

Sioux City Root Beer is very, very good. Not quite as good as Fitz’s but close. Despite the name, it’s from New York City. And all this root beer has me thinking about Deep Space 9.

Posted in Soda by Bill on December 1, 2011

Two today, mostly because the fridge is short on space:

Barrel Brothers Root Beer has a strong root beer flavor mixed with vanilla, which sounds great, but it’s not very sweet at all, and I like my root beers towards the sweet side. It’s odd that it’s not very sweet, because at 170 calories for 12 oz, you’d expect it to be. Also odd, the ingredients on the label list HFCS, but the bottle is stamped “PURE CANE SUGAR.”

Cool Mountain Razzberry is not one I would’ve chosen, but I ordered a random sampling of stuff, and I happened to grab this first. This tastes like blue raspberry candy at first, but the acidity of it starts to get annoying. Like I felt like it was burning my throat a little.

Posted in Soda by Bill on November 30, 2011

The first of what looks like a shitload of root beers I’ll be trying is Fitz’s Root Beer. And it’s instantly the best root beer I think I’ve ever had. The right mix of sweet and that root beer flavor I thought was sassafras root, but wikipedia says is now artificial because a chemical in the real thing is a carcinogen in rats.

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Next up is Stewarts Orange Cream Soda. While the Red Rock was a little light on flavor, this might go the opposite direction. It basically tastes like a melted creamsicle. Which is quite tasty, but it’s almost like a 12oz liquid dessert. Not something I could ever have on a regular basis.

Posted in Soda by Bill on November 24, 2011

So partially inspired by C-note’s recent “try new things” kick, but tempered by my own natural laziness, I decided I should try some new things. But rather than actually doing anything, I’m going to try a bunch of different non-Coke/Pepsi sodas. Because I like a good carbonated beverage, soft drink, or whatever you call it (I generally say “Coke”, but since I’m intentionally not drinking Coke, it seems silly to use the term, so my New England roots show through and I’m going with “soda”). And Thanksgiving seemed like a good day to start, since it is national gluttony day, and this is essentially an exercise in me getting slightly fatter.

First up is an apparently old Atlanta brand, Red Rock Cola. You can tell it’s an old brand because I just linked to an angelfire page. The slogan on the bottle is “Just the Right Bite,” but I actually found the flavor a little lacking. I could tell it used real sugar instead of HFCS, but the cola flavor just wasn’t that strong. And, I don’t know if this is just me, I find that if Coke gets warm, it feels like it leaves a residue in my mouth. The Red Rock had the same effect, but it didn’t have to be as warm. I finished the bottle in no more than 5 minutes, but the last 3rd had that quality to it that I don’t particularly like. It’s perfectly tasty, but when it costs over double the price of Coke, it should taste clearly better, which it doesn’t.

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