Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on May 2, 2021

tenetTenet is Christopher Nolan’s scifi espionage movie that’s finally on the HBO Max, and… it’s pretty disappointing. It wasn’t a waste of time, just because of the high production values, a few moments that worked, and the kind of scifi that gets my imagination working, but the mechanics of what they were doing felt like obstacles to storytelling. 

Like Inception, huge portions of the movie are dedicated just to explaining the concept and making sure we understand it. But unlike Inception, the there’s not that much of a payoff for the understanding. The audience gets a few “eureka” moments getting to piece together events we didn’t understand initially, but even the fancy visuals are just things going backwards, and that’s nothing new.

I’d heard the sound mix wasn’t great, and that was definitely the case. I needed subtitles. Supposedly Nolan mixes the sound with top-of-the-line theater sound systems in mind, which I think is the same argument the Game of Thrones people made with why that one episode wasn’t too dark. If people can’t see shit on the TVs they have, and if people can’t hear shit on the audio systems they have, then you have made a TV show that looks like shit and a movie that sounds like shit.

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