Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 24, 2021

shadowandboneShadow and Bone is a new Netflix adaptation of a YA book series that is essentially a mix of The Hunger Games and Avatar: The Last Airbender, with a veneer of late 1800s Russia. Kids get tested when they’re young to see if they have magic powers, magic powers come in different types (fire, wind, healing, and gadgetry or something, plus a couple rare special ones), there’s a war going on, and there’s a big black void called The Fold in the middle of their continent put there by a magical fuckup a long time ago. 

I was drawn in by the Russian theme (it gives everything a different flavor than typical fantasy, and even separates it from The Irregulars and The Nevers which are set in a similar time period/technology level), a good score, and some actresses who are easy on the eyes. I found it decent, but it didn’t really improve much as it went, so I think if you’re not hooked early on it’s not worth sticking it out to see if it grabs you later. 

Despite the Russianness everyone has all kinds of British accents, and that combined with an often mumbly sound mix made it unwatchable for me without subtitles. 

It’s a YA story with a female lead, and though I haven’t seen a ton of those movies/shows, I am amused at the familiar story beats. Being taken away from familiar surroundings and the handsome dude who represents home, arriving at a fancy place and getting a makeover, hair and makeup and clothes and making a good impression at fancy parties are somehow important even though there’s life and death shit going on, and everyone being divided up into cliques and the protagonist getting bullied for not fitting in. 

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