Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 23, 2021

Rutherford Falls is a new Peacock comedy co-created by Michael Schur, which at this point means I automatically check it out. Ed Helms is the descendant of the town founder who runs a local history museum, and his friend runs the comparably dinky American Indian tribe’s cultural center. As far as jokes go, it’s not that great, making me think Schur pitched in on the pilot and bailed, but it’s funny enough to get me invested in the plot, which is actually pretty good.

The rest of the cast has a lot of Indian actors, but with one exception (the dad who runs the diner in Resident Alien), it’s not the same familiar faces. Ted from Schitt’s Creek plays a supporting character, and a comedian I always thought was hot plays the girl who is into Ed Helms and we’re supposed to find her unappealing in her unbalanced desperation but I still find her hot.

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