Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on August 23, 2017

Underworld: Blood Wars is the… somewhere between 4th and 7th Underworld movie. I really have no idea, since other than Kate Beckinsale looking hot, they are quite forgettable. Fortunately, this starts with a “previously on Underworld…” catchup sequence. But it ended up not even mattering, because it was so bad it couldn’t hold my attention enough to follow the plot. I would just kinda look when Kate Beckinsale was on screen and not pay attention otherwise. I shouldn’t watch the next one if they make it (which they kinda should for their fans cause this one did nothing to advance the overall story and ended with a tease for something more), but I’ll probably have forgotten my lack of interest in this by then and be mesmerized by the idea of more of Kate Beckinsale in the tight outfit. Even though she’ll be like 50 by then.


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