Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on August 18, 2017

Septuplets is a failed pilot from 2003 that I stumbled across. Little did I know, it was from the writer of Bio-Dome, so with that pedigree, how could I pass it up? A couple that owns a hotel has septuplets, then skip ahead to their 16th birthday, and they’re a bunch of good-looking teenagers get into teenager hijinks at their parents hotel. Nora Zehetner (the slutty one), Maggie Grace (the romantic), and Shawn from The 4400 (the idiot surfer bro) are some of the siblings. It’s somehow both predictable and surprisingly bad, but an amusing look back at what bad TV was like 14 years ago. Stringing together hits from the era for the soundtrack, good looking but not very talented actors, dudes with frosted tips, and everyone’s white. Like, obviously the septuplets are all the same race, but so are all the guests and love interests. Lilly white. An Asian guy shows up at the tail end, but he’s it.


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