Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on July 7, 2017

Castlevania is Netflix’s new animated adaptation of the video game series that I never played, written by Warren Ellis (hence my interest, he’d been talking about it (in codenames) in his newslestter since early 2016). I literally had no idea what the story behind Castlevania was beyond a vague sense of “vampires,” so I went into this completely dark.

The visual style is very anime-ish, which is not really my thing in general, but it’s actually not so bad here. And having the dialogue and voice acting be original to English means a vocal style that is much more pleasing to my ear. I was originally going to complain that the pilot didn’t do a good job introducing the series; it’s almost entirely dedicated to the villain. But it turns out the first season is only four episodes long, so instead I’ll complain that this should have been an original movie instead. It runs a little under 100 minutes all together, that’s perfect movie length!

Otherwise, it’s pretty good.  Some classic Warren Ellis stuff in there (crude jokes, drunken protagonist). The short length is a bit annoying in that it just gets to where the series comes together when it ends, and it’ll probably be quite a while before season 2. And I’ll have forgotten all the stuff that happened. But that’s now Netflix goes.


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