Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on July 3, 2017

Baby Driver is Edgar Wright’s first major movie that is entirely his creation (his previous four being three co-written with Simon Pegg and an adaptation of Scott Pilgrim). The result is good but a little odd. It has a great soundtrack, a lot of action, a few good jokes here and there, and it’s both filmed and set in Atlanta so I spent a good amount of time trying to recognize where they were filming and whether it matched where they said they were.

His other movies were much funnier, this was more of a straight action movie, but it does get a little too cute for me in places. There’s an early scene that’s almost a dance sequence, which is not my kinda thing. Also, Ansel Elgort has a ridiculous name and I didn’t really like him. I dunno if it’s just his face or if it’s the way the character was written or what, but I liked the side characters and kind of hated the guy I was supposed to root for.


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