Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on June 28, 2017

Kentucky Route Zero had come up on searches for games with especially good story, and metacritic loves it. I, however, do not. It’s a minimalistic point-and-click adventure game kinda Twin Peaks-ish magical realism thing. I liked the visual style, but that’s about it. There’s some things I’ve never seen in a game before, like choosing dialogue options for both sides of a conversation, making up both parties’ backstories as you go (backstories that I believe to be totally irrelevant to the game). Or deciding what to think about while you breathe. Those are unique, but not things I’d consider to be actually good.

I’m being more liberal with refunds, and thus quicker to pull the trigger on cheap games. Also between this sale and bundles my Steam library has finally grown out of control. I used to have them all displayed, then I just hid all the ones that I didn’t like enough to finish, but I hit a point where they wouldn’t all fit on one screen even with that, so I had to start making folders (which Steam doesn’t exactly do, but “categories”) are close enough.


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