Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 27, 2017

GLOW is Netflix’s new fictionalized account of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling with Alison Brie. It’s created by some Nurse Jackie/Weeds/OitNB people so that’s a pretty decent track record, and Marc Maron is in a supporting part and I like him, so that was more than enough to check it out.

Alison Brie is a struggling actress who can’t land a decent part, so a casting director recommends her for a new TV show about lady wrestlers. Maron is the show director and Piz from Veronica Mars is the producer/money man, and Sherlock’s Asperger-y girlfriend from Elementary is the other main girl. Some of the other wrestlers are vaguely familiar, but nobody else really famous, I don’t think.  Sadly, 80s hair and fashion don’t do a lot for me, but Ms. Brie is still quite easy on the eyes, even though they want her to look plain so she’s wearing like no makeup. She has some tasteful topless scenes, which ain’t bad either. The 80s music is kinda hit or miss too, though it improves as the show goes along.

It’s not great, but it does have a certain appeal. I can’t say I found it particularly dramatic, and over 10 episodes there were only a handful of especially funny scenes, but for whatever reason I ended up pretty invested by the end, and I don’t know why. It took a while to win me over, but it actually did and I can’t really say how.


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