Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on June 23, 2017

I didn’t entirely love the movie version but I thought it was interesting, so I figure I’d give a shot to Spike’s new series adaptation of The Mist. I figure it would be Under The Dome-ish with a group of people in crisis stretched out over several seasons, with a supernatural status quo that makes them turn on each other. But somehow the pilot is largely concerned with heavy teen drama (that I think really has only one way it can go).

Gripe with Spike: they ran a “this season on The Mist” ad with 10 minutes left in the show. Why? That should go right after the credits if it has to be shown at all. You know at 59 minutes in when the mist comes across one of the major characters? Well guess who we know isn’t going to die because she appears “this season on The Mist“?

Anyway, it’s not very good. They have like 5 different storylines and I was only really intrigued by one. The cast is entirely unfamiliar to me except for one old lady (though apparently Clay Davis from The Wire shows up) and not all that interesting. No hesitation about passing on this one.


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