Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on May 4, 2017

Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the FPS/Tower defense hybrid game I tried and enjoyed a while back, and this went on sale for $3.


In lieu of cutscenes (which were really cheesy in the first game what with the indie/low budgetness of it all), they have comic book style story stuff between levels. The artist has a pretty good style but I don’t think is really a comic artist. The panels don’t really help tell a story at all, it’s just like drawings with lines between them and dialogue on top. But not a big deal, I wasn’t here for the story anyway.

Some of the levels are damn hard. Some don’t let you make a maze. Others do, but have two totally distinct spawn points and routes, so that the maze you made for the first wave is useless against the second. Most have a boss towards the end that can destroy your towers, and there’s one type of boss that will destroy your towers, both poking holes in your maze for itself (and others) and hurting your ability to damage it. You can repair the destroyed towers for free between waves, but the last level is one long wave with a couple of those bosses that destroy towers. So it’s tricky to figure out how to keep enough of your maze intact after each of those appears. I had to radically change my play style for that last level (shotgun and running in close instead of sitting back and sniping).

Definitely $3 worth of enjoyment out of this, but it’s still a low budget game without much to offer beyond killing stuff, so I doubt anyone should pay more than $10 for it.


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