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Posted in tv by Bill on April 25, 2017

Bill Nye Saves the World is the pop-sci celebrity’s new Netflix series for grown-ups. And I normally dig pop science, edutainment, hot models, and a lot of the things this show offers, but it’s pretty terrible.

They shoot it in front of a live audience, and he’s not really the kind of host that can do that without it seeming cringey. He’s a little awkward reading from a script (which could be fixed with edits if it was shot sans audience), the audience laughter throws off his timing, he’s pretty bad at the post-pre-taped-piece-Q&A with the correspondents, and the audience really gets in the way of the panel part.

Karlie Kloss is one of their correspondent type people for pre-taped stuff, and though she’s easy on the eyes, she’s a little bit awkward. Although more TV correspondents should be very, very tall women, because it’s quite amusing. When she first appeared on screen, I thought “who is that giantess?” And then when she was in some field piece in Venice, she wasn’t even wearing heels, but this engineer guy doesn’t even come up to her shoulders.

Topically, he’s basically preaching to the choir. Global warming is real, alternative medicine is not a substitute for real medicine and should be viewed skeptically, AI is cool, GMOs are probably perfectly safe. That kinda thing.


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  1. joseph jeong said, on April 26, 2017 at 10:52 am

    I listen to the podcast “Science Vs.” from Gimlet Media that covers similar topics. It seems like something like this is quite well-suited to the radio/podcast format; i.e. someone actually looks at the scientific literature and tells you what is hype and what is real.

    Unlike MythBusters, which actually tries to simulate real physical experiments (mostly blowing stuff up, which is always makes for good TV), it’s hard to make something like “Global warming is real” visually compelling IMO.

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