Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on April 19, 2017

Morgan is another movie that I think made it on my “to watch” list from a reddit post of underrated movies or of scifi movies, and I suspect my reaction was “you had me at Kate Mara.” Though she has kind of a boyish haircut that doesn’t look good on her (but it is character appropriate) except when it starts to get a little messed up (pictured).

The basic premise is that a genetic engineering company makes an artificial (super)human, but there’s an incident and a risk management specialist (Mara) is called out to assess the project. It also stars Rose Leslie, Brian Cox, Toby Jones, Paul Giamatti, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michelle Yeoh, the guy from Narcos and Legion, and the title role is the actress who seemed from the trailers like main girl from Split, but creepy looking.

It’s simultaneously disappointing and surprisingly good. It builds up in the first act like it’s going to be this heady scifi thing, but there’s no decent payoff there at all. But the third act is straight up action and pretty good.


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