Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on April 6, 2017

Brockmire is a new IFC series which stars Hank Azaria as a radio baseball announcer who has a meltdown and wrecks his MLB career, and the series picks up 10 years later when he’s returned from overseas hoping his public humiliation will have faded, and he takes a job announcing for a minor league team in nowheresville owned by Amanda Peet.

I had some concerns early on that it might be one of those comedies that would rather be a drama, because of how Azaria was getting emotional in one scene, but it doesn’t shy away from jokes at all. If anything, Azaria’s commitment to keeping the announcer voice going prevents any real dramatic moments. It mixes some baseball with the kind of depressing, dark comedy that I tend to enjoy. Some high quality suicide jokes in the pilot. The second episode isn’t as strong, but it’s not bad at all.


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