Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on March 31, 2017

I keep a list of movies I’m interested in seeing, and sometimes I forget why a movie is on that list. Such is the case with Under the Skin, which my best guess is that it came from one of those lists that shows up on reddit every once in a while, an imgur album full of movie recommendations. I remember ones for movies that “flew under the radar” (most of which looked pretty lousy) and another for “scifi movies that will blow your mind” (most of which I had already seen, because I seek those kinds of movies out). So, this was probably on one of those.

Scarlett Johansson stars… and either she really likes scifi or she’s been pigeonholed as scifi girl lately. This, Ghost in the Shell, Lucy, Her. Also, I would have thought I’d have heard of this movie (even though it only made $7 mil at the box office), since Ms. Johansson is without clothing for a fair amount of it, and normally the internet freaks out over that kind of thing.

It is an art house type movie. Apparently well-received by critics. I thought my audio was messed up because of the first minute or so of dead silence, but then the 2 minutes of ambient strings told me it was working, but that the movie would be weird. A prediction confirmed by the 11 not-action-packed minutes before there was any dialogue. Excruciatingly slow-moving. I would think that unless you go for that sort of thing, this is not for you. And I do not go for this sort of thing.

Scarlett plays a… something (alien?) who lures men with her hotnesss to their deaths. That’s basically the first hour. A little more happens after that, but… not a whole lot. There’s like 3 minutes dedicated to her getting a piece of cake at a restaurant and not liking it. But I stuck it out all the way to the still-not-very-interesting end.


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