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Posted in movies by Bill on March 13, 2017

Creed is kind of a sequel/spinoff of the Rocky franchise, but also sort of a remake of the original Rocky. Apollo’s son is Rocky, Rocky is Mickey, there’s a new Adrian, and some British guy is Apollo. But I guess it’s right on the line between remake and “following the franchise formula.”

Adrian died, Rocky’s son moved away, Paulie apparently died too (Burt Young is still alive apparently… I’m older now than he was when he was in the first movie, which blows my mind, he looked about 60 in 1976, but he didn’t turn 60 until 2000). Rocky now runs a restaurant, Adrian’s, and reluctantly agrees to train, Adonis. Michael B. Jordan plays him, Apollo’s son from a woman besides his wife, who gets recast as Phylicia Rashad because the Mrs. Creed I remember best died in 2011. Jackie from Veronica Mars seems to be getting hotter, here as the love interest.

In true Rocky fashion, the training montages stand out. Keeping with the previous movie in the franchise, there are some quality inspirational speeches. Also, as is generally the case for Rocky movies, I don’t give a shit about the love story part. One big point of separation is the way they shot the first fight. No cuts at all, and I didn’t spot any cheats either where they had a chance to stitch two shots together to make it seem like one take. And it was really well done. The big fight in the end is much more like typical Rocky stuff, but it’s still exciting.

Overall, a pretty solid movie. No real points for originality, but it’s fun to watch. Now I’m looking for the sequel where he faces off with Clubber Lang’s son. Save Drago’s son, with the “your dad killed my dad” undercurrents, for later.


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  1. joseph jeong said, on March 14, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    I have a love/hate thing with this movie. As a standalone movie, I love it; I think Michael B Jordan is fantastic, no one really sucked unlike the original (I still hate any scene with Adrian in the original Rocky movies), and it hit all the right notes I’m looking for in good sports movie. The love interest piece is the least interesting piece, but at least it doesn’t take anything away from the movie.

    I hate it because it gives Hollywood more ammo to dip into the recycle bin and try to pull off new spins on old material. Apollo should be seen as the exception and not the norm, but instead I bet we’ll see a whole bunch of remakes because Apollo was successful. I hate that.

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