Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on March 6, 2017

timeaftertimeTime After Time is the other time travel series that started Sunday night. This one is a drama, where H.G. Wells (a dude this time) really invents a time machine, which Jack the Ripper uses to avoid the police to 2017, and Wells chases after him. It stars literally no one I recognize, which doesn’t happen often. I guess Wells was in Harry Potter and the Ripper was on Revenge, neither of which I’ve seen, and the love interest was the voice of Honey Lemon and in a few Entourages but I don’t remember her. There’s a supporting character who I do know from a few Rosewoods but that’s it.

Jack adapts to the future faster than Wells, but of course Wells is the good guy so he makes friends better. But Jack is out killing again, and they have to try to stop him. There’s an obvious solution to their predicament, use the time machine to go to before Jack arrives, and stop him when he arrives in 2017. Like 45 minutes later (it’s a 2 hour premiere), Wells says they can’t do that, because using the time machine at the same destination or destinations too close together often will fuck up time, but he’s ignoring the fact that it’s time, he could go to a month before Jack arrives and wait.

Anyway, I stuck it out the full two hours, but I don’t see myself continuing. Sunday’s TV schedule is crowded enough anyway.


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