Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on March 5, 2017

loganLogan is the latest Wolverine solo movie, and last with Hugh Jackman, that I thought was based on the dumb/awesome Old Man Logan comic, but isn’t at all. It does see an old Wolverine in the future trying to leave all the superheroics behind, but that’s pretty much the end of the similarities. With the R-rating, it’s full of F-bombs and body parts being sliced off (and a really forced “hey we have an R-rating so we can show boobs” moment), and it pretty much alternates between rippin’ throats and tugging at heart strings. And it does so pretty effectively. Easily the best of the Wolverine solo movies and a fitting send-off to Hugh Jackman.

Patrick Stewart is along for the ride as senile Xavier, and X-23 does murder cartwheels. Stephen Merchant plays Caliban, the white guy from Narcos is after them, that one lady from OitNB who’s the pregnant girl’s mom plays X-23’s mother figure, and Eriq LaSalle shows up too.


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