Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on March 5, 2017

sicarioSicario had been in my to-watch list as “that Emily Blunt war on drugs movie,” because a Mexican term for a hitman doesn’t reach the high school Spanish vocab books. Blunt plays an FBI agent kicking down doors on drug-related crimes in the southwest who gets recruited by Josh Brolin, a mysterious DoD or CIA or something agent who wants to take down the head drug kingpin responsible for some particularly heinous stuff, with the help of Jeffrey Donovan and Benicio del Toro (who I think this is the first thing I’ve seen him in besides playing The Collector since Sin City).

It’s slow moving in parts, but the action scenes, few and far between though they may be, are very tense, and the more I see of Emily Blunt, the more I like her.


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