Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 19, 2017

chanceChance is Hulu’s bold strategy to put Hugh Laurie in a show where he plays an American doctor, he sees patients with weird maladies, and the title is the doctor’s last name. How could that possibly work?

In this, he’s a neuropsychologist, mostly dealing with people with weird symptoms after head injuries. It doesn’t look, from the pilot, like a “case of the week” type thing. And instead of being aggressively dickish in a highly amusing way, he’s kind of beaten down by life and kind of soft spoken. That is a little annoying, since Hugh Laurie is a funny guy, and one of the strengths of House was to break up the drama with some laughs. Here… not so much.

The Wire‘s Clarke Peters, Rounders‘ Gretchen Mol, Loveline‘s Dianne Farr, and My Name is Earl‘s Ethan Suplee co-star, along with some people I don’t recognize. Mol is the patient that seems to run through the series, while most of the others are used in interstitial bits where Chance reads a case file while we see footage of the injury that caused it and/or the crazy behavior resulting. Mixed in are Chance’s daughter, ex-wife, financial troubles, and a weird friendship-ish thing with Suplee’s character.

It’s not instantly great, but I’m interested to see where the Gretchen Mol plot goes.


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