Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 9, 2017

legionLegion is FX’s new X-Men series with some guy apparently from Downton Abbey with a questionable American accent, Aubrey Plaza, the promiscuous daughter from the last Fargo season (who looks way hotter with different hair), and created by the Fargo guy. That had me pretty excited for this show, and… it’s honestly pretty confusing? But promising.

Somewhat appropriate for a story about mental illness stuff, it’s presented in a pretty disjointed way with flashes back and forward and mutant powers presented in an “is this really happening or just a hallucination?” kind of way.

The British Invasion soundtrack in the flashbacks is a little odd, that combined with the outdated looking fashion and decor makes them feel like Wes Anderson gone dark.

Possibly connected to the British Invasion soundtrack thing, the girl is clearly named after the guy who left Pink Floyd due to mental illness.


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