Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on February 7, 2017

apbAPB features Weeds‘ Justin Kirk as an Elon Musk-y guy who decides to spend millions on a high tech law enforcement initiative in a Chicago police precinct. Kirk is very good at the fast-talking likeable jackass thing, and Ernie Hudson and Fusco from PoI are… also there. There’s a kinda hot lady cop (who has way too many buttons unbuttoned in her cop uniform) and a kinda hot computer girl (the actress is apparently Australian, but tragically not using her natural accent).

It’s… ok? The drones and super tasers are kinda boring from a scifi standpoint, and the many thorny issues that could come up in this sort of thing aren’t really addressed that well (1% only paying attention to crimes that affect them, the resistance this sort of thing would have from police unions, some civil liberty problems). It would be nice if the show either went fully scifi or took the concept more seriously… or both. Instead, it seems interested in personal drama first. Were there anything else on between Supergirl and Timeless, I would drop it I think, but there isn’t, so… we’ll see how it goes.


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