Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on January 14, 2017

sanctumSanctum is a hybrid of a tower defense game and an FPS, a pretty clever idea. Between waves, you go in tower placement mode to build your maze, put up turrets, and buy upgrades. During waves, you’re on the ground running around shooting along with your turrets.

It’s an indie sorta thing, so it’s low-fi graphics (it’s from 2011 but looks like PS2 graphics, basically), no story, and a slightly clunky interface, but that also means it’s cheap. Which is good, because it’s not quite engaging enough to make me want to get every level perfect, or try out the higher difficulties, but it was fun enough to justify $10 for a run through all the maps.

I didn’t have anything else to play, and saw someone liveblogging The Witcher 3, which has for some reason compelled me to give The Witcher 2 another try. So far… still frustrating, still bad dialogue, still bad voice acting. But I’ll see if I get more used to it.


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