Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on January 11, 2017

midnight-specialMidnight Special is a 2016 scifi movie with cryptic advertising that didn’t really tell anything about it. Michael Shannon stars as a father who kidnaps his son away from his adoptive parents in a creepy cult, then it turns out there’s some science fiction stuff going on. The description of which would probably count as a spoiler. It’s alright. Kind of a throwback to Close Encounters and E.T., but less Super 8 crowd-pleasing and more 21st century indie-style slow pace.

I have literally no idea why it’s called Midnight Special, though. Maybe I missed something. It does have a cover of the song played over the end credits. And there’s a thing about only going out at night.

Adam Driver, the cop guy from The Night Of, the writer from House of Cards who was also in The Night Of, Sam Shepard, Kirsten Dunst, Uncle Owen from Episode III also star. Oddly, it’s written/directed by the guy that did Loving, which is a dramatically different movie (real life historical/political drama/love story). About the only similarity is that Michael Shannon and Uncle Owen are in both.

One thing that occurred to me during the cult scenes: why do women in fundamentalist cults have similar hairstyles? You’d think I would have noticed that in Kimmy Schmidt, or one of the other many shows and movies that make use of it, or on the news when a real life cult thing happens.


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