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Posted in video games by Bill on January 3, 2017

arcanumSteam Winter Sale:

  • Transformers: Devastation has cell shaded graphics and original voice actors to give the feel of the old cartoon, but it’s a god awful console port to the PC. Sometimes you start the game and it thinks you have a controller, so you have to quit entirely and start again and hope it realizes you don’t. Also, pressing “2” is critical to navigating the menus, a fact that is not entirely obvious. Returned for a refund.
  • Arcanum is a 2001 Sierra game that’s supposedly like a steampunkish version of Fallout (the isometric ones), but 15 years later it’s unplayable. Crashes pretty often, tried a fan-preferred patch to fix some stuff, and it still was unplayable. Returned for a refund.
  • Life is Strange, I technically didn’t buy, because the first chapter was free. I didn’t get too far in and then it crashed and I couldn’t muster the interest in emo hipster teenage stuff to want to launch the game again. The teenagers sounded like they were written by Steve Buscemi’s “how do you do, fellow kids?” guy, with the forced use of internet lingo. Uninstalled.

Kind of a dud of a sale, nothing else on my wishlist hit the $10 mark. Meanwhile, I finally finished all the DLC (that I cared to do, the Tiny Tina and Torgue ones were awesome, the others meh) from Borderlands 2, so I’m moving on to Pre-Sequel (before eventually doing Tales From… which I suspect will be my favorite, because the gameplay is the least interesting part of the series).


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  1. joseph jeong said, on January 3, 2017 at 9:34 pm

    Did I tell you about Invisible, Inc? I think it is awesome and it was on sale (still might be). I would have gotten it if I hadn’t already bought it. I may join Playstation Plus (won a PS4 Pro at my company’s holiday raffle last month) just to get it on PS4 too.

    • Bill said, on January 4, 2017 at 1:20 am

      Yeah you did, but I see the “stealth” keyword and immediately pass. I prefer (in video games) to confront challenges head-on, with stupidly blunt tactics.

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