Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 19, 2016

oaThe OA (which is pronounced “oh-ay” and not like the Green Lantern planet) is a new Netflix series that received almost no promotion. It’s an indie-style SF type thing co-created by and starring Brit Marling[0], and co-created and directed by a guy named Zal Batmanglij, which is awesome because his name starts with “Batman.” Hershel from The Walking Dead and the Borg Queen from First Contact are her parents, Phyllis from The Office is around, and the pilot from Rogue One and the still-lovely Paz Vega show up on occasion.

There’s a high concept intro and then it starts playing the slow game, trying to build up tension and mystery. Upon reflection at the end, I’m wondering if there’s any part of this that I actually liked, or if it just kept feeling like it was going to go someplace I would like, and then never did. It all comes together for a big finale that falls completely flat. The one positive I can think of is when Phyllis is talking on the phone with her boss and it’s going badly, she needs to make up an excuse and hang up, so she says “I have to go… I’m… eating a sandwich.” So it made me laugh one time (well, more than once, but this was the only one where they were trying to make me laugh on purpose).

0 – I remember her apparently from a trailer for Another Earth. I actually thought I might have seen it, so I just spent like 20 minutes going through the movies tag on this blog to see if I had… I need more specific tagging by genre, apparently. She was also on a Community episode and made out with Britta.


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