Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on December 17, 2016

jlaJustice League Action is the latest DC animated series, which premiered Friday night with apparently no fanfare on any of the websites I follow, because I missed it and watched it today on demand. The pilot isn’t an origin story of the team or anything, which is kinda cool actually. It’s an hour long episode with effectively four stories, though they are related: Batman (Kevin Conroy!) helps the old wizard guy (Carl Reiner) and Shazam (Sean Astin) beat Black Adam but that results in the release of some demon things, Superman and Wonder Woman team up to take on one, Batman and Green Arrow for another, and finally the big three team up with a bunch of other JLers to take down the rest.

There are also appearances by Martian Manhunter, Booster Gold (sadly not voiced by Tom Everett Scott, who should be Booster Gold forever like Kevin Conroy is Batman… but Diedrich Bader does ok), Cyborg, Plastic Man (Dana Snyder), John Constantine (G-rated but actually pretty damn funny), and Swamp Thing (Mark Hamill).

It’s definitely kid-first in its target audience, so it’ll never be as good as JLU for adults, but it’s entertaining enough to keep watching. Certainly on par with the current crop of DisneyXD Marvel cartoons.


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