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Posted in movies by Bill on December 17, 2016

rogue-oneRogue One: A Star Wars Story (are they all going to have “A Star Wars Story”? that’s lame) is the first of these non-Episode stories, and had a big hurdle to clear with me in that it is a prequel of sorts, set just prior to Episode IV, which shows how the rebellion got their hands on the Death Star plans. But it’s not too bad of a prequel, in that we only know the big picture ,we have no idea what the fate of the characters will be.

I was very pleased to enter this with even less foreknowledge than usual, I knew who exactly one actor in the movie was, and that basic plot concept, and this warning siren sound they played in the trailers, and that was it.

It’s a solid movie, and a good sign for the franchise going forward. While The Force Awakens feels in some ways like a remake of A New Hope, this one, plot-wise, borrows more from World War II movies than it does other Star Wars stuff (and it throws in some western and samurai tropes too). There is still a lot of nostalgia, but fewer scenes rely entirely on nostalgia to work, and the story is original to the Star Wars franchise. TFA is the better movie because it’s more fun, but Rogue One gives me more confidence that Disney isn’t going to be stuck in a rut of only recycling what they already know works.

Spoilery stuff:

  • They used lookalikes for Mon Mothma and bearded guy who gives the plan for the attack on the Death Star, so why not for Grand Moff Tarkin? The ability to CGI faces is remarkably good at this point, but it’s still mildly unsettling. Especially knowing that Peter Cushing has been dead for decades. CGI Leia makes more sense, just because we see too much of Carrie Fisher in the old movies for a lookalike to be at all convincing.
  • I kinda wish Jyn wore the Imperial Officer uniform and Diego Luna wore the helmet and stuff, because I think she’d look hot all… business-like/evil. But of course I get home and I see some girl on tumblr talking about how hot Diego Luna was in that uniform, so I guess I’m happy for the ladies (or dudes into dudes) for getting some eye candy.
  • 100% on board with everyone dying, because I’m awful like that.
  • In some respects, this entirely movie was made to answer the question “why would the Empire build a moon-sized space station that can be destroyed by a single torpedo in the right place?”

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