Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on December 12, 2016

shadowofmordorMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a game I put on my wishlist a while back and it was $10 in the Autumn Sale. It’s a third person open world action/RPG that takes place between The Hobbit and LotR. You play a guy who’s killed by one of Sauron’s agents but you end up kinda like one of those ghost soldier guys. I spent about 90 minutes going through the intro cutscene and the tutorials (there was enough customization that I spent too long tinkering in the menus), and got past the 2 hour Steam return limit before I realized it’s another one of those combat animation games. I hit the same button over and over again, my character does elaborate fighting moves, and they’re trying to trick me into believing I’m doing something to make that happen.

I tried to stick with it long enough to get to some story content, but the game seems really into this thing where there’s like a bunch of Orc leaders in Sauron’s army and you just gather info on them and hunt them down, and if one defeats you he rises in ranks. So it’s kinda dynamic and non-story based. I’m sure I would eventually arrive at more story but it felt tedious to get there.


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