Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on December 3, 2016

herstoryI found some people trading Steam keys, and I had some leftover from Humble Bundles, so I picked up Her Story among others. It’s an indie game, FMV, the premise is that you’re a journalist or something looking into an old police case, and you’ve got access to a database of video interviews about a 20 year old murder. But for whatever reason, you can’t just watch all the videos, you have to search by keywords. So they start you off with a few, and then you search by keywords as you start to find out details about the case. It gets pretty soap opera-y, but something about the interactivity and the haphazard order that you uncover the story makes it really engaging. I barely moved an inch for like two hours while I searched and watched videos until I knew the whole story.

You figure out the whole story after about half the videos are uncovered, but there’s an achievement for getting them all, and I had a chunk of 8 in a row that I didn’t have, so I thought maybe I was missing a plot point and obsessively searched like crazy. Eventually had to google for it, and it turns out both that I never would have found it, and it didn’t matter.


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