Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on November 16, 2016

shooterShooter is USA’s TV adaptation of the Marky Mark/Kate Mara movie from a while back. For whatever reason I strongly remembered the terrible name “Nick Memphis” from the movie, but forgot Marky Mark had the terrible name “Bob Lee Swagger.” Ryan Phillipe plays Swagger and they turn Nick Memphis into Nadine Memphis, played by Waller from Arrow, and Nadine makes it somehow much less dumb a name. Also from the CW superhero shows, Patty from Flash is Mrs. Swagger.

It’s a little heavy on gun porn, which I guess should be expected with the title. The bigger problem is that again the pilot is not a pilot. Of course it’s standard for a drama pilot to show the main character’s idyllic life before the thing happens that flips his life upside-down, but it’s also important to show the results of the life-upside-down-flipping. This doesn’t happen here, it basically ends on a cliffhanger, the resolution of which will be… what the show is. From the movie, I expect the subsequent episodes to be more like what I might enjoy, so I’ll give it some time.


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