Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on November 15, 2016

brothers-grimsbyThe Brothers Grimsby is about two brothers whose last names aren’t Grimsby. So that pissed me off right away. It’s that one where Sacha Baron Cohen is a drunken football hooligan and Mark Strong is his secret agent brother. I mostly thought it looked dumb, but that one thing where they couldn’t show a clip on Jimmy Kimmel so they instead showed it to the audience and aired their reaction (horrified laughter) kinda worked on me. In the end, I had to google which one it was and had to google it because there were a few that were pretty extreme.

It’s basically a garbage movie with a few scenes that are really disgustingly funny. The message about the importance of family is kind of ruined by the AIDS jokes and other stuff that clash with that tone. I think it might have worked better if it just accepted itself as an action/gross-out hybrid instead of trying to have an emotional center.

Perhaps the most unrealistic thing in a movie with some really unrealistic things is that the plot has England doing well in the World Cup.


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