Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on November 7, 2016

dreamcorp-llcDream Corp, LLC is a weird new adult swim series about a mad science clinic type place where they go into people’s dreams to try to help them or something. It mixes live action and rotoscoping (for the dream parts).

It stars Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite as the main doctor, the guy who bought the crazy SUV on Breaking Bad as his assistant, Stephen Merchant voices a robot, and I’m weirdly attracted to the receptionist who’s not conventionally TV hot but she’s kinda nice looking and aggressively strange in a way I find appealing. I’m weird.

It was hard to judge on one episode at 11 minutes, and between the rotoscoping looking neat and the hot girl, I kinda wanted to like it. So I gave it another episode, but it’s just weird for weirdness sake. I had one mild chuckle over two episodes.


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