Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 28, 2016

puregeniusPure Genius is a CBS medical procedural (with a touch of scifi) that I only gave a shot to because Odette Annable is in it, and she’s very attractive. Though now typecast as “hot doctor” in my mind. It turns out to also have Divya from Royal Pains, and she’s not bad either. Though also now typecast as “hot medical show lady.” And a couple other cute girls in the cast. So doing pretty well in the eye candy department. And it’s co-created by FNL‘s Jason Katims, so a solid pedigree.

The basic idea is an Elon Musk type funds a super hospital that plays fast and loose with advanced medical tech. Dermot McDermott plays the humanizing doctor who cares for the patients and whatnot. I’m not sure what the scifi elements are supposed to to, other than kinda disconnect from the human medical drama aspect. I would have thought they’d use it to raise ethical questions about imaginary technology, or go with something so advanced that it creates a sort of scifi wonder. But they’re really just going a decade or two ahead, like the stuff you see in pop science articles that sounds neat but isn’t good enough to be useful yet, or would be impossibly expensive with current tech (they 3D printed a perfect model of a heart+tumor to let the surgeon practice prior to surgery… which is cool and all, but i feel like by the time we can afford to do that, robot surgeons, or at least robots assisted by human surgeons, will do a much better job and not really require that kind of practice since the robots will be fast and accurate). It also kinda ruins the medical mystery, because the advanced technology is just a deus ex machina to solve a medical problem.

So… hard pass, though I will miss Odette Annable.


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