Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 19, 2016

travelersTravelers is a Canadian Sci-Fi show created by one of the main Stargate TV guys, with mostly recognizable Canadian TV actors, but also Eric McCormack. I guess it’s sorta like Continuum where they try to get an actor who Americans know to try to make international distribution more appealing.

It’s set in the present day, starts with random people dying but instantly coming back to life with different personalities, for reasons that aren’t revealed until the end of the pilot, which is annoying. You’re literally given an infodump explanation of who they are, and the episode ends with someone saying essentially “well, let’s get started.” And you’re not left with a clear idea of their goals or what they’re going to do to achieve them. So this is an hour-long trailer whose goal is to leave you thinking “ooh, interesting twist, I wonder what the show will be like?,” not an actual pilot whose goal is to leave you thinking “based on this first episode, I can imagine watching a series like this.” I watch a pilot thinking “What am I signing up for?” and the answer here is “I’m not sure.” I feel like I complain about this a lot, especially in SF pilots, but it does seem epidemic. They put mysteriousness first and are afraid to just say “here’s our show, I hope you like it.”

Anyway, I fell for this in Van Helsing only to be let down after a few episodes, so I’m not going to do the same here.


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