Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 16, 2016

revenantThe Revenant, it turns out, is not a good movie to watch while bedridden with an ailment. Watching Leo struggle across the forest floor in anguish and then pausing it to similarly struggle 20 feet to pee is not a good way to keep your spirits up.

A huge portion of the plot was revealed in the marketing, I don’t even really remember paying attention to it, but (spoilers, if you didn’t catch any of it) DiCaprio and his half Indian son are guiding a fur trapping party through Indian territory when he gets mauled by a bear and barely survives. Tom Hardy decides Leo’s going to die anyway and he’s slowing the group down, so he leaves him for dead. Leo, buried alive, climbs out of his grave, discovers his dead son, and crawls across the wilderness to get his revenge on Tom Hardy. I knew all that going in, and about an hour and ten minutes in, the crawling across the wilderness part was just starting, and it seemed like it was going to go on for a while.

The cinematography is amazing (there’s a really long take on a battle scene that’s great), but I just couldn’t get psyched to sit through another hour of extreme human suffering.


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