Pointless Nonsense

Posted in movies by Bill on October 10, 2016

zootopiaZootopia seemed like a good way to get the bad taste of Fury out of my mouth, and it was. It tells the story of the first rabbit police officer in a city full of mammals. It’s clever and fun and all, not Pixar quality, but pretty good. And nobody spontaneously breaks out into song (not counting a number by a character voiced by Shakira, but since it’s at a concert, that’s appropriate).

The story has all kinds of mammals living in one city together, but tries to give a whole “don’t be prejudiced” message. But the difference in species is very real. Physical differences, the predators pose a huge threat to the prey. Mental differences, foxes are sly, weasels are weaselly. So I feel like the metaphor doesn’t really work.

Still, not a bad movie at all.


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