Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 4, 2016

convictionConviction is ABC’s new legal drama which I’m surprised to see is full of people from nerdy stuff. Agent Carter, Iceman (X-Men, not Top Gun), Beth from TWD, Francie from Alias.

Hayley Atwell (unfortunately doing an American accent, which isn’t great) plays what seems like mostly Chelsea Clinton but with some… Roger Clinton or Billy Carter or maybe a little Jenna Bush thrown in. She’s the daughter of an ex-President whose mother is in the middle of a Senate campaign, but she was a wild child/tabloid staple/distraction from her parents’ political ambitions. But also a “first in her class at Harvard Law” type, so to avoid a drug bust, she agrees to join an Innocence Project type group.

They make several references to Atwell having awesome boobs, which simultaneously seems crass/exploitative, but also… totally works on me. Still, there’s not a lot to distinguish this from every other legal show. I think the angle is supposed to be the First Daughter thing and the “I’m a rebel, I don’t mind taking my shirt off in front of strangers, and I take drugs!” thing. Which… I dunno. I could totally be down with an entertaining trainwreck like House, but she seems to be a decent person at her core, but fucking things up on purpose to piss off her mother. Maybe if there was nothing on in its timeslot, I might give it another episode or two, but I’m running with Timeless so I’m passing on this one.


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