Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 4, 2016

timelessTimeless is a new NBC show about time travel with Abigail Spencer, co-created by the Heroes guy and the The Shield guy. I’ve been fond of Abigail Spencer since that Twix commercial and I dig time travel, so I was certain to at least find this show to be ok. And it’s… slightly better than ok.

The basic plot is an elaborate version of The Voyagers or Quantum Leap. History’s broken, we need to travel back and fix it. Which makes for a nice episodic formula, fix one problem per episode. There are seeds for larger story arcs too, and the time travel mechanics are decent enough for my tastes.

It also stars that one Eastern European guy from ER, Mustache and Glasses from Better Off Ted, Matt Frewer, Johnson from Peep Show, and a generic handsome white guy to give Abigail Spencer someone to presumably bang (after a half season of arguing, because that’s how TV romance works).


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