Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on October 1, 2016

lukecageLuke Cage is Netflix’s latest Marvel series, following the bulletproof hero for hire from his appearances in Jessica Jones into Harlem for Marvel’s first live action thing with a lead character that isn’t white. And it’s good, on par with the other Netflix series (probably my least favorite of the three to date, but it’s splitting hairs to rank them because they’re all high quality).

Misty Knight is pretty damn hot. And a good actress. I think that role could have come off really poorly in the hands of a lesser performer. Why isn’t she even remotely famous? Hopefully she’ll have a lot of opportunities after this. Juice from SoA is really good too, as are Alfre Woodard, Frankie Faison, and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali. Diamondback (the dude, not any of the female versions from marvel comics) is the only actor I didn’t really care for.

I’ve really been getting into the recent-ish revival of funk/soul/r&b from the 60s/70s by contemporary artists, Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones and the like, and this show’s soundtrack is full of that type of music. Even some artists I wasn’t familiar with, which is going to add some to my music library. There are some points where the score, from the guy who did Black Dynamite‘s music, comes off as a little corny, but more often than not it’s just super cool retro funky stuff.

I find it interesting that they do the fight scenes more like classic Superman, with bullets bouncing off his chest like they’re nothing, rather than like a typical modern hero thing (post-Indiana Jones, we seem to like our heroes bruised and battered). They start to address the police/race/shooting stuff later on, but in the beginning, I think it’s all about seeing a black man as a bulletproof hero, to be inspiring. Which… I hope it is, to people who might need that kinda thing. I’m too dead inside to really be inspired by anything.


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