Pointless Nonsense

Posted in tv by Bill on September 28, 2016

aftermathAftermath is a new SyFy series about some kinda supernatural apocalypse. First it’s just weather, then there’s ghosts and stuff, and some plague where people become sadistic and evil (sorta like a PG-rated Crossed, like without the rapiness). It’s not too bad? Not great either, but decent enough to give it a couple episodes to see if it can hook me.

Anne Heche plays the ex(?)-Air Force tough Mom and she’s actually pretty ok at it. Her husband is a professor of mythology who is probably going to slowly figure out what’s going on with everything. They have three kids, a pretty generic son, and twin daughters (the rebellious one and the goody-goody). And Randy Disher from Monk shows up as the town sheriff.


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