Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on September 24, 2016

shadowrun-dragonfallShadowrun: Dragonfall is the sequel to Shadowrun Returns, and uses the same engine. It was originally a DLC but later released as a standalone, which Steam had for $3 during the summer sale. So this is again isometric, no voice acting, no videos. It’s quite a bit longer than the first and has more characters. Oddly, though I enjoyed the first, I felt like the second being longer was a detriment. The text-based story and turn-based combat were more satisfying when I got a complete story in about 12 hours than in 24.

This one sees you as a shadowrunner in Berlin, running into legends of a dragon thought dead decades ago who might still be alive. There are some good side characters and loyalty mission type things, and the main plot has a couple good choices to make, but I was actually a little disappointed in the explanation of the consequences. I had to google a bit to see how things could have gone differently, and I suppose I’m satisfied that they did matter for the story.

Still one more of these to play, but I’m gonna do Telltale’s Walking Dead: Michonne first.


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