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Posted in video games by Bill on September 11, 2016

shadowrun-returnsShadowrun Returns is an isometric turn-based RPG set in the universe of the tabletop RPG that is as cyberpunk but more fantasy than I thought it was. It’s pretty short, 17 hours, but probably could be done in 12. It was funded through Kickstarter by a small studio, which leads to low production values, no cutscenes, no voice acting. All sprites and text. And it has a couple bugs that involved googling for solutions and reloading old saves to follow the weird instructions (kill these two things on the same turn or the game locks up?) for workarounds. But the cyberpunk setting and the skill tree/stats/cybernetics/stuff was enough to make me want to progress.

You play a shadworunner in 2050s Seattle, with a message from a former colleague that he’s dead and needs someone to avenge his murder. So with the promise of cash you start looking into it, and of course it turns out to be a whole thing with megacorps and magic and the matrix. You do missions for cash, hiring squadmates to come along with you and fill in gaps in your skillset. I chose to play as a “Decker,” which is someone who hacks into stuff, and mixed that with rifle skills. Making myself Elvish seemed like the powergamer race, so I went with that, since I had max caps for Intelligence and Quickness. Anyway, that worked out pretty well.

It was $3 in the Steam Summer Sale, which is about right. Definitely no one should pay more than $10 for it. But not bad for $3. I picked up two sequels for $3 each as well, and I’ll play those at some point.


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