Pointless Nonsense

Posted in video games by Bill on September 9, 2016

thewolfamongusThe Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s game based on the Fables comic. It’s a good story, and it presents the most interesting cinematic style of any of their story games I’ve played so far (it being the first one I’ve played that’s not not copying the look of an existing TV show), but it has the least difficult decisions. The best parts of TWD and GoT were anguishing over choices, then seeing how I compared to the masses. In this one, I was in agreement with between 60% and 90% of users on every binary decision but one (which I knew I would be, I just felt like the appropriate response in this case was “I’m sympathetic, but fuck you anyway”). Still, a pretty good story, and cool visuals. I’d recommend it to Fables readers, if it can be found for cheap.

It’s set prior to the events of the comic series, sometime in the 80s, I think. Zack Morris brick phones and stuff. It’s a mix of the dingy New York City of the late 70s/early 80s with the pinks and purples of a Miami Vice and minimalist moody synth music, so create a stylish retro feel that still makes things appropriately seedy for a story about prostitute murders. You play as Bigby Wolf, and a lot of the main characters from the series appear: Snow, Beauty, Beast, Bufkin, Jack, Flycatcher, etc.

I’m starting to recognize the Telltale voice actors, I had some trouble placing a couple of them, but the main guy and Clementine from the first Walking Dead game were really obvious.

I guess I’m going with Shadowrun Returns next.


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