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Posted in video games by Bill on September 6, 2016

Borderlands2boxart3Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the shooter/RPG that I liked ok and was cheap during Steam’s summer sale, and the sequel is overall an improvement. Plenty of funny dialogue, a wider variety of weapons, and the cars don’t get stuck as easily.

It has one highly annoying feature. You can’t manually save, you can only autosave at designated save points, which is fairly common and not a big deal. But while they save your items, progress in quests, and XP, and if you die you’re respawned at the nearest save point, when you exit the game, you’re dropped back at the start of the map, with all the enemies respawned. On some maps with vehicles, that’s not that big of a deal, but the ones without access to cars, that could mean 30+ minutes of fighting your way back to where you left off. That makes the game quite annoying to play in short bursts. You pretty much have to dedicate an hour to it to make playing it worthwhile, and when you start a new map you have to think “am I willing to play this for another hour, or should I just stop now?” Apparently this was done to make the co-op portions of the game work right, but it makes single player annoying.

So even though I rather enjoyed it, it took me basically two months to finish, because I would so often decide it wasn’t worth bothering to start the game if I wasn’t sure I could finish a quest or complete a map. I still haven’t done any of the DLC, even though I got the fancy version with all of it, because I’m a little burned out on the game, but it was pretty good.

The next game in the series, Pre-Sequel, is still relatively new and not cheap, so it’ll be a while before I play that, most likely. After I do the DLC, I need to figure out if I can do Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands, which I picked up in that Telltale Humble Bundle prior to the pre-sequel or if I should wait.

Next up is Fables: The Wolf Among Us, another one from that Telltale bundle.


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